Technical data

   The Stone is known by this name cause of the name of some uniform bioclastique limestone’s, compact and pink colored tones with clear beige salmon schemer. It is a calcarenite stone pack stone (bioesparite), which is standardized as an intermediate level of the members “Linares Limestone’s”, which belong to the form of “limestone, dolomites and dolomitique sandstones of Linares - Ituero”. The stone is composed by bioclastique cements of Espatique Calcites, (calcite spastics). Not only the clastiques as well as the cements contain ferric m oxides which give the stone it caracteristique pink color. The sedimentation has its origin from the sedimentation of carbonated beaches, during the Superior Coniaciense – half Santoniense.

   In ancient time people here also quarried our other quarries next to ours, which testimony was highly built in local monuments of this province, we can outstanding: The Palace and gardens of la Granja de San Ildefonso (Segovia).

   If you want to use this stone both outer as inner, build a playground or a covered swimming pool with a personalized design, dress the living room or build a gardened wall, you can get it with this kind of stone which is less abrasive and it can be worked out very easy, it admit perfectly the honed finish and is highly recommended for rustically finishes, mostly in handcrafts.

   The build in of this Stone is mostly as facades and internal and external ornamental uses. It offers wide possibilities combining esthetically very well with other building materials.

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