Technical data

   Corresponding to the midland limestone’s ‘Paramo’, which is a strong compact Limestone whitish grey stone, a bit holed, from the Tyrolienne age and placed in the middle of the Duero River Cuenca.

   This Rock is classified in Latin as micrite fosiliphe Stone which contains any gastropods and caraceas. Its sedimentary origin belongs to margin areas of locusts systems highly carbonated, and surmised to drastic water level changes.

   Actually we are out quarrying a sub horizontal bench on a surface. In ancient time there were quarried out similar stone next to cities as Palencia, which remains now continue to be visible in monuments of this places. We can mark out buildings as: St. Paul’s Cathedral from Valladolid, Our Lady from the Ancient, Peñafiel’s Castle, etc.

   It is a highly-recommended material for any work, included the handcraft, specially used for cladding buildings, ornaments and facades, internal uses, town furnishing, etc., also in massive works.

   The stone is a building element of eternal collection, to maintain an authentic look with natural, warm, cold colors. The nature of the element gives the building a depth of design and a natural brightness.

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