MV Stones
Founded in 1960, placed in the province of Valladolid (Spain), had a wide natural Stone experience of more than 50 years.

   Our company own 2 quarries, with a surface of over 240.000 sqm, remarked for the out quarrying of our 2 stones:


   Three modern facilities, workshops and warehouses, have a surface of more than 33.000 sqm separated in block and slab store, offices and showroom, workshop, logistics and handcraft work area.

   Our technologies outstanding in an overall automatic equipment and the human resource handcraft in the work out area, let us manufacture more than 7.000 cbm of finish products per year, ever analyzed under our improve systems, focused under quality control in order to optimize our production processes.

   Due to our high advanced technologies and wide range of possibilities, which offers our raw material, we can offer multiple sizes adapted to the strong demand of our customers because part of the activity is focused in foreign markets like: France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Poland, China, Australia, Italy, Austria, Morocco, Cyprus, Germany, etc.

   With the aim to define and also standardize some of our products up to the requirements and needs of our customers, we can distinguish several custom-made sizes in order to clad façades and floors, revolution elements, steps, window and doors frames, heads, cills, etc.

MV STONES ** +34 983 880 020 / +34 983 698 501