MV Stones

is quarrying out the Stone from the beginning of it times, teaching the tradition from the ancestors to the founders of the company. In fact, it is a company founded by people who comes from the ancient profession of stone builder in their family’s legacy.

   The company is owner of two quarries in which we make the out quarrying under open sky. The bench cut is actually made with road headers chainsaw and the roc is separated with air bags. The final block size is made with augers. The stone is out quarried in block size, it doesn’t feature a standard size, blocks are referenced in cbm, the weight varies depend of the use of the Stone, but it could vary between 2.4 y 2.6 tonnes per cbm.

   Finally, the product is moved with the loads shovels works and moved to the workshops by truck.

MV STONES ** +34 983 880 020 / +34 983 698 501